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Kikstarterz Soccer Feature

Go Gold.

Find out what it means to be a gold Kikstarterz athlete. Signup today to get your Kikstarterz Gold Card.

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Kikstarterz Player Profile

Personalized Player Profile

Every active Kikstarterz athlete receives a player profile to send to prospective coaches telling them you are interested in playing for them. This profile has all of your athletic metrics and stats that potential coaches and recruits can see all in one place.

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Kikstarterz Athlete Profile
Kikstarterz Gold Cards

What is a gold card?

The Kikstarterz Gold Card is a physical business card with links to your player profile via your personal QR CODE embossed on your Gold Card

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Kikstarterz Logo

Our Mission

Kikstarterz was born out of the idea of making the programs athlete-centric. Putting the athlete in the driver’s seat of their athletic path is core to the genesis of Kikstarterz Gold Card program. In the Kikstarterz program, the athlete is the product, and the athlete is the business.

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