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What is a Gold Card?

The Kikstarterz Gold Card is a physical business card with links to your player profile via your personal QR CODE embossed on your Gold Card.  

Kikstarterz Gold Cards

The business card that you receive will have a unique  QR Code that links that prospective scout or Coach directly to your profile by simply scanning the code with his/her smartphone. With an active membership, their (COACH) will have instant access to view your profile. Whether it be on the field, in the studio, or at their headquarters station.

When they scan your QR code, there are no obstacles, barriers or filters. It goes directly to your profile. This eliminates being compared to other athletes, eliminates filters that would prevent you from being directly recognized. This is also bypassing search filters where you could have not been discovered

Your player profile is independent of any other profile that a club coach, a college coach or college scout will view. Kikstarterz is a direct platform between those you want to recognize you to you and only you.  

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