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A professional athlete profile that you can use 24/7 to market yourself, share with friends and family and get recognized.

The main benefit is you have a tangible Kikstarterz Gold Card that is exclusive to you. This card gives YOU the advantage over everyone else, and you instantly transition from an unknown person to a known athlete.

Kikstarterz Profile Mockup

Printable Player Profile

Imagine you want to play for a certain club team or college, how do you get noticed?  Print your player profile from your private profile page, send the profile to prospective coaches telling them you are interested in playing for them.  Let them know that you will be playing in a tournament in 2 weeks or a local league game. Hand out your profile to college scouts and coaches at the next player showcase tournament.

Unique QR Code

The business card that you receive will have a unique QR Code that links the prospective scout or coach directly to your profile by simply scanning the code with his/her smartphone. Whether it be on the field, in the studio, or at their headquarters station, scouts and coaches will have instant access to view your profile. This method steers clear of any searches or filters and ultimately puts the scouts and coaches in direct connection with you and only you!

Kikstarterz QR Code
Kikstarterz Gold Cards

Personalized Physical Gold Card

The Kikstarterz Gold Card is the business cards you will receive upon activation of your subscription and completion of your profile. An example of this card is pictured on Kikstarterz.com homepage. It will have your profile picture, unique QR code, quick bio and contact email.

This card is designed to be given out to all those Coaches, Scouts, Managers that YOU  want to recognize you. You will have a virtual profile assigned to you, and the Kikstarterz Gold Card is your tangible product to mail, hand out, give to those selected persons you’re choosing.

When your parent keeps saying to you “you need to reach out to the Coach and tell him/her a little bit about yourself if that’s where you want to go” (sound familiar): The Kikstarterz Gold Card is a perfect first step in that process. By merely walking up to that person and handing it to them; you have said: “I am a professional athlete motivated about my success, here is a professional profile for you to see”.

Also, as a Coach, they are looking for the Best Athletes for their program, whether it be transferring from one youth competitive team to another, or at collegiate level recruitment. The information contained within your profile is the information they use to determine your recognition.  The Kikstarterz Gold Card streamlines this process instantly and directly- putting you, the athlete, centered.

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